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"I don't want to be famous or popular or known for anything other than I was a deep and wise and had a soul that was wildly beautiful, full of mercy and light."

- Jen Lemen

Hello and thank you for coming here! I am Deane Jane, wife, mother, grandmother, writer and enthusiastic learner.

In this warm setting you will find nurturing and comforting stories from the life I find myself living.

  • My passion is caring for women and leading them to grow in faith, friendship, confidence and joy; I write from a gentle place of hope.

  • God has given me a story that has much to say about his Father love and the journey of living my life responding to that love.

  • In addition, I write to share my photographs, review books I'm reading, pass on favorite recipes and tell heartwarming stories.

Like a hug after coffee and good conversation, I pray you will take a deep breath and find something to savor as you navigate this safe place written with you in mind.

Feel free to email me with any questions or comments:

I'd love to hear from you.